Sébastien Duval (in English)

These days, I help foreign tourists & businessmen organize their trip to Japan, accompany some of them during their whole stay, and often guide the others during 1-day tours in Tokyo metropolis, Kamakura city, Hakone town, etc. as part of my work for the Japanese travel agency Travel Stand Japan.

I work full-time for Travel Stand Japan (travel agency in Tokyo) since 2013 as inbound manager, certified tour conductor and certified tour guide speaking English, French & Japanese to make people happy, foster mutual understanding between the Japanese and non-Japanese, and improve international relations. I have great moments here because I love Japan and enjoy learning about various countries, cultures and passions 🙂

I am changing my lifestyle & activities to better care for our environment as I feel that we wrong the planet and worry about the impact of climate change & ecological issues on world peace and everybody’s daily life. Currently, I consider transforming my work at Travel Stand Japan as tour guide (e.g. add ecotours with storytelling related to nature, visit of a solar farm), getting a new job (proposals welcome), creating a “make a better world” company, and volunteering.

With my career change in 2010, I started thinking about veganism, vegetarianism, organic food, renewable energies (wind…), local & natural products, low emission/footprint services… Nowadays, I enjoy vegan food at least once a week at home, restaurants near my office in Tokyo (Loving Hut Japan makes delicious vegan sushi!) or elsewhere during tours with foreign customers (e.g. Kanga-an Zen temple in Kyoto)… and I look for a good solar charger for my phone 🙂

Selected certifications:
* 27 April 2017Asia Inbound Sightseeing Organization certified tour guide for all Japan (AISO certification number 38 for English & French).

*** LAST UPDATE: 2017
Welcome to my Website Sébastien Duval in English, French and Japanese.

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I live in Tokyo. In my apartment, I sleep on a futon quilted mattress laid on tatami mats. Before sleeping, I read a bit of the Ender’s Game books. Summer here is hot & humid, very tiring outdoors.

One of my favourite drinks in Japan is the “Black Sesame Banana Juice” available at Vie de France shops.

I use mostly free open-source software & content: Fedora as Linux operating system on a USB key, Mozilla Thunberbird (e-mail client), FileZilla (FTP application), Gimp (raster graphics editor), Inkscape (vector graphics editor), Openclipart (vector clip art), Puzzle & Dragons (game), VLC (media player), WordPress (content management system)… However, I also use Adobe Illustrator (vector graphics editor) to design maps at work and Evernote (note management).


I graduated from the Business School of Travel Industry aka BSTi in Tokyo.


I recommend you to use 1-day tickets for the subway when you visit Tokyo.

I like a few antenna shops in Tokyo, great to enjoy regional foods/drinks and see/buy products of many areas of Japan!

I also recommend you to try a sumi-e activity at Toyokuni Atelier near Jimbocho station.

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