Training Manuals For Cycling Guides in Wajima

In February & March 2024, I created comprehensive training manuals for Wajima city and Ishikawa prefecture to train local cycling guide candidates and develop inbound tourism. These documents replace on-site seminars that had been planned in January & February, impossible due to travel restrictions following a major earthquake on 01 January. They complement a “monitor tour” that I organized in Noto Peninsula in November 2023 for Japan Travel KK, involving a western guide, western cyclists (both sportive & recreational) and Japanese candidates.

Four Manuals

With the region’s and locals’ future in mind, I was meticulous to ensure that the four manuals could revitalise the economy when the time is right (summer or autumn 2024? spring 2025?). The documents covered (1) guiding cyclists, (2) lessons learnt thanks to the monitor tour, (3) inbound tourism based on large-scale data, and (4) cultural differences:

  1. Bilingual Training & Support For Cycling Guides In Wajima And Noto Peninsula (49 pages)
  2. Bilingual Learning From Westerners Before & After Cycling In Wajima (36 pages)
  3. Bilingual Data & Insights About Western Tourists In Japan And Ishikawa Prefecture (31 pages)
  4. From Western Perspectives To Bilingual Tips For Wajima Cycling Guides (40 pages)

Diverse Content

Interesting features included:

  • Fully bilingual documents (English + Japanese) for the benefit of Japanese and non-Japanese guide candidates, to support linguistic development, and to ensure good starting points for expected cases as well as emergencies.
  • Email templates, and speech examples.
  • Special sections to increase awareness and make Japan more inclusive. For example, some materials addressed dietary needs (allergies, vegan, halal), family trips with young children, and tours for individuals with disabilities.
  • Based on international best practices, experience guiding cyclists (some VIPs) in Noto Peninsula, knowledge of a foreign guide living in Wajima, reliable data, experience guiding diverse non-cycling tourists, experience as a travel agent, experience consulting about cycling tourism in other Japanese prefectures, road trips by car & campervan in Noto Peninsula…