Kaminari-okoshi – Cooking Class To Export Rice

I tested a cooking class featuring kaminari-okoshi sweet crackers, a rice-based traditional food of Tokyo’s Asakusa district. As instructed, I focused my consulting work on western tourists, and attended a meeting aiming to increase Japan’s rice exports. One of the results was to enable a vegan variation of the cooking class (plant-based butter instead of cow-based butter).

Later, and as part of a promotional campaign, articles were published e.g. “An Introduction to Japanese Rice” on Japan Travel portal. Besides, western micro-influencers and a prominent Taiwanese food influencer (also author of a book about Japanese food) published multimedia content on social networks to raise awareness about the characteristics, quality and versatility of Japanese rice to a global audience.

This work was done for the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.