Western Travel Markets in Japan

Regarding my work related to western travel markets in Japan:

  • American market: I lived in Oregon (internship), New York (internship), and Washington (research notably comparing the preferences of American, French and Japanese citizens) states. In Japan, I guided and interpreted for American VIPs.
  • Australian market: I’ve not visited Australia. In Japan, I guided Australian travellers and worked several times with Australian hospitality experts and writers.
  • British market: I visited the UK several times. In 2023, I was surprised to see vegan offerings at almost every restaurant and to see mannequins at sports shops that represented athletes in wheelchairs, people of several ethnicities, and people of several body types (not just slim). Among all the western travel markets, the British market is the one in which the keywords “diversity” and “inclusion” seem the strongest.
  • French market: I’m French 🙂 In Japan, I guided families with young children, and of course friends.
  • German market: I spent very little time in Germany so I’m not familiar with the culture. In Japan, I probably guided Germans only once. Still, I have German friends in Japan, and am familiar with data regarding German travellers in Japan.