Home Sweet Home – Born in France but half of my life in Asia

Home has been on 3 continent, 4 countries so far. Although French, I have spent most of my life in Asia (for studies then work). Combined with the fact that I explored 22 countries, I feel both like a globetrotter and global citizen.

  • FRANCE – I was born near Paris. While studying at university, I was in the cities of Paris, Saclay, Angers, Le Mans, and Nantes.
  • JAPAN – I live in Japan and have been here for already 20 years in 4 periods: an internship in Yokohama (with graduation in France and study of psychology in France before coming back to Japan), my PhD and early career as a researcher in Tokyo (before ending my career as a researcher in South Korea), near Tsukuba (before my workplace closed due to the big earthquake and Fukushima disaster in 2011), and finally Tokyo (mostly as a tour guide, travel agent and consultant for tourism & hospitality in Japan).
  • SOUTH KOREA – I lived two years there sandwiched between life in Japan. The first year was in Seoul and the second in Gwangju, both for work as a researcher.
  • USA – I lived a few months in the states of Oregon, New York, and Washington. I have great memories of the huge nature and food, and I met really great/exceptional people there.