High-end Travel in Japan

As part of my work related to high-end travel in Japan:

  • I accompanied and guided board members of multinationals (mostly citizens of India and diverse countries in the Middle East) during business trips, notably translating during factory visits. Similar work for the leaders of export companies from Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea.
  • I accompanied the families of some of these board members during vacations in Japan. The biggest family trip was a couple + 2 maids + 5 children. The challenge was not the high-end travel in itself. The challenge was the religious aspect: halal food, suitable souvenirs (e.g. long sleeves instead of tee-shirts, prayers in the right setting).
  • I notably accompanied, guided and interpreted for VIP cyclists from the USA in Noto peninsula and around Shimanami-kaido. I had already been involved many times in high-end travel but that’s the first time the clients came by private jet.
  • I did consulting at diverse countryside destinations to assess and enable tourism & hospitality for affluent travellers. That included tours in small planes to see keyhole-shaped burial mounds in Kansai. I am currently consulting for high-end travel including a helicopter tour in Yamanashi prefecture.