Yuranza troupe

Yuranza – One-time-only Performances

Imagine sparking your next event in Japan with a unique performance, a masterpiece tailored for your brand, industry, or theme by Yuranza! I help this fascinating Japanese performance troupe as business development manager for Japan Travel KK. These artists in residence on Mount Minobu do unforgettable concerts at unique venues and performances at MICE events all over Japan.

Beyond conventional entertainment, Yuranza weaves storytelling, movement, and music inspired by keywords or local narratives provided by event organisers. Their one-time-only live performances deeply connect the audience with the essence of a place… Besides, Yuranza proposes inclusive workshops for corporate groups, etc. that you’d certainly enjoy!

Smooth Work With Yuranza

MICE experts such as event organisers and managers of exhibition/convention centres, hotels/resorts, and cruises should not worry about Yuranza’s professionalism or quality of service. The performance leader and stage director Shunichiro Kamiya is a teacher, composer and drummer who performed 1,000+ times in the USA (Burning Man, BAM, Boston Symphony Hall), Canada, Brazil, France, Spain, Australia, China, Myanmar…

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Besides, the Yuranza team is very pleasant. The founder Masahiro Tozawa strives to spread happiness worldwide through music while revitalising local communities. As for Shunichiro Kamiya, he is used to teaching children and nursing home residents too. Finally, the meaning of “Yuranza” is “the troupe that gives pleasure” 🙂

Yuranza’s Spellbinding Performances

Ranking 2nd among all the performances I’ve seen in Japan in 20 years, “Soil & 5 Grains” was immersive, participative, created in 2 days (!), and performed during my temple stay on Mt Minobu. A local priest wielding a matoi pole joined the stage actor Ryo Yoshimi, dancer Oriha Kato, shamisen player Tetsuya Okano, and taiko player Shunichiro Kamiya.

Video introduction of the performance Soil & 5 Grains

Yuranza thrives on the uniqueness and dynamism of each venue, notably adapting the composition of the group of performers. The troupe may thus play other traditional musical instruments such as the koto or the shinobue. Watch and listen the following example based on Yuranza’s open-air concert at the breath-taking Mountain Plaza of Mihama-cho, with sounds of nature in the background.

Video introduction of the performance Utatoro

Team-Building Workshops By Yuranza

Possible nationwide, Yuranza’s taiko drum workshops introduce simple drumming techniques and team-building activities for corporate groups, school groups, and families with young children. Practically, a big group may be split into sub-groups performing like an orchestra. Still rare in Japan so worth mentioning: blind and wheelchair participants are welcome 👍

A multitude of languages is supported: Japanese, English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish…

First Inbound Promotion Campaign

Yuranza’s first inbound promotion campaign focused on brand awareness. It included the creation & publication of English articles in Metropolis Magazine and Japan Travel portal, as well as posts on social networks. We thus reached an international audience in Japan and abroad, including local embassy staff and local businesspeople. Please check these resources to learn more:

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Beyond the organic reach, we targeted audiences suitable for corporate trips and MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Exhibitions). Part of my strategy was to consider the location of headquarters of the world’s top multinationals, the location of the top universities and research centres, access to direct flights to Japan, high GDP, high GDP per capita, and countries in which Yuranza’s leader performed. Of course, we avoided the young audiences usually targeted for more touristy content.

I look forward to seeing the results over the coming months & years (MICE timescales).

In Closing

As a former researcher and tourism chair of SUI2016 international conference, I’m delighted to support Japan’s MICE industry again, this time on the side of performing arts (last time: videos promoting Osaka as a great MICE host). I’m thus very grateful to Metropolis staff (joint sales) and to the owner of Kakurinbo, who introduced us to Yuranza.

Contact Yuranza through their website or Facebook to discuss how they can tailor a performance that perfectly captures the essence of your vision and to get information about prices and availability. If you use their services or attend one of their shows, please let me know your impressions (maybe by commenting on my LinkedIn post).