Causette Joli Shops in Kyoto & Kamakura

Exciting first times for me: business development for a Japanese cosmetics company, once-in-a-lifetime-product campaign (R&D for a new time-limited product every season), brand photography, and mostly female/LGBTQ+ market! Surprised? It still connects with my work promoting tourism in Japan.

Causette Joli shops in Kyoto & Kamakura sell location-exclusive nail polishes but generic products are also available nationwide at 30+ Tsutaya stores, at Isetan Kyoto… Japan is reputed for its high-quality products, and Causette Joli goes beyond by striving to sell allergen-free nail polish, nail care, and skincare (pending opportunity: cruelty-free vegan certification). Read our tie-up article.

🟦 Kyoto-exclusive Hoshizukiyo Ryoushi nail polish.
🟩 Kamakura-exclusive Yukinoshita Tenshi nail polish.
🟧 2023 colours inspired by the beauty & diversity of Japan autumn foliage.
🟫 Tea shop.

For Japan Travel agents and tour guides:
🏆 The company received an omotenashi traveller-friendly certificate from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
🎁 The limited editions make great gifts, especially for aspiring nail artists.
💅 Shop staff can apply purchased nail polish for 500 yen. Great to feel & look even more beautiful while visiting nearby Gion “geisha district”, Kiyomizu-dera Buddhist temple (UNESCO World Heritage), or Tsurugaoka Hachiman Shinto shrine (Important Cultural Property according to the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology).
🍵 You can book 10 seats at the quiet tea shop above the Kyoto shop (same owner – some staff speak English). Children would enjoy choosing a colour then pouring flower tea in glasses with/without ice cubes.
📍 The space in front of the Kyoto shop is great to gather after free time in Higashiyama district: beside Yasaka Pagoda (visible from far), with the tea shop as possible break spot for the guide and shelter in case of rain.

I’m very grateful to Japan Travel KK‘s project manager Anna, creative director Tom, writer Veronica, and photographers Sebastian and Alexander for making the project work despite their many ongoing projects. Now enjoying teamwork on advertising and social media promotion with SNS & marketing colleagues.

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