I often hike, visit places near Tokyo, and discover the Japanese culture through sado tea ceremonies, shodo calligraphy, martial arts (restarting karate soon)… I also collect Japanese Omamori (good luck charms) when I visit Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples in Japan 🙂

Coming soon

Spring 2016: Restart of bsti classes. I plan to meet the new students on the opening day (date pending) so we can benefit from each other for our ongoing and future projects.

01 April 2015: 7th Tokyo Local Thinking seminar at Editory.

Japanese certificates about Japan’s history and Japan’s geography.

Recent time points

22 December 2013: Preparing the exam to become a Licensed Interpreter Guide in Japan.

09 December 2013: Now inbound travel manager in 東京 (Tokyo) at the Japanese travel agency TRAVEL STAND JAPAN

Since December 2013: Work at Travel Stand Japan

I guide Japanese people and foreigners in Japan (mostly Tokyo), make tourist maps, do translations, do interpretation… I also advise my colleague MARTIN Taylor for the development of the Get Japan Website while providing most multimedia content (text, photos…) for our Yes in Japan Website and some for the Get Japan Website.

At some point in time

Acquired skills & knowledge:

  • Languages: English (fluent), French (native), Japanese (fluent), Korean (basic), Spanish (basic).

Used software & online services:

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