I created a page with forecasts for typhoons from Japan Meteorological Agency

Violent winds and heavy rain affect life in Japan between June and October every year: flights are cancelled, trains stop, flying objects hurt pedestrians, workers sleep at their office, tourists in the countryside stay at their hotel or coffee shops… and many people get nervous when a typhoon heads towards Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant!

To help me and other foreigners plan our days, I created a news page on Inner Japan showing forecast updates for typhoons from Japan Meteorological Agency. Family members and friends should also find this link useful… 3-day track & intensity forecast in English:
3-day track and intensity forecast for typhoons from Japan Meteorological Agency.

Thanks to Japan Meteorological Agency for enabling me to freely share this information 🙂

I created my Gravatar profile “Sébastien Duval (寿春・セバスチャン)”

I just created my Gravatar profile “Sébastien Duval (寿春・セバスチャン)” in English on Gravatar Website to enhance my social presence on Internet and the experience of those reading my comments online.

Gravatar profile photo: Sébastien Duval

Free service, Gravatar gives people a standard online identity called “Globally Recognized Avatar”. The famous WordPress blogging platform uses Gravatar by default so that its users commenting on blogs/websites get their selected nickname and photo displayed automatically. It is more fun and satisfactory for commentators, readers and authors/bloggers/webmasters.

To create your own Gravatar profile and page, just register using your e-mail address, input a nickname and upload a photo 🙂 Later, you can add, change or remove information such as your core values, country of residence, practised activities, interests and hobbies, favourite movies and games, art projects, Christmas wish lists, recommended links…

Upgrading my Website Sébastien Duval

Greetings from Tokyo! I am upgrading my English Website Sébastien Duval and adding pages in French, Spanish, Korean, and Japanese. If you wonder about the 寿春・セバスチャン visible here and there: it is my name in Japanese… meaning “Felicitous Spring Sebastian”!

You do not know me yet? I promote good values, nature and happiness to make a better world, strive to become an exciting tour guide/interpreter/storyteller, and plan a 2-year tour of Japan!

Sébastien Duval

Do not hesitate to contact me 🙂

Greetings! May you enjoy this new Website SEBASTIEN DUVAL :)

Greetings! I launch today my Website Sébastien Duval from 東京 (Tokyo) to inform and entertain You all, hopefully attracting same-minded people and making a better world in the process 🙂

Lizard on Sébastien Duval's arm in the jungle of 西表島 (Iriomote island, Japan) on 31 October 2008.

On this site, I will share life events, progress on projects, achievements, photos/videos… and introduce great people, partners, companies/organizations and projects! As a quick start, let me show You great memories from France, Japan, South Korea, and the USA; enjoy:

Sébastien Duval beside a junk statue of マジンガーZ (Mazinger Z) in 청주 (Cheongju, South Korea) on 11 July 2009.

I will soon integrate my profiles from Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, and will create the Inner Japan Website to detail my life and travels in Japan. Later (2015?), I shall translate this English Website into French, Japanese and Korean.

Sébastien Duval before a huge snow statue on an oceanic theme in 札幌 (Sapporo, Japan) on 08 February 2007.

As a Webmaster and Web designer, doing everything by myself is a rich experience: I purchased the domain name and hosting, configured the services, created the site, added code in the pages for social media and Google Analytics, customized the design… and considered both SEO (search engine optimization) and your experience as a visitor here 🙂

Sébastien Duval (2013)

To finish, deep thanks to my parents for their unwavering support year after year and to the good friends who motivated me this month! I express special thanks to the teams of the Japanese hosting company さくらインターネット (Sakura Internet Inc.), to the contributors of the WordPress open source project, and to the teams of the Google multinational for their excellent services/tools!

Sébastien Duval at Alder Lake (Washington state, USA) in September 2005.