6th Tokyo Local Thinking seminar at Editory: Network to make a better Jimbocho (Tokyo, Japan)

Invited tonight at the 6th Tokyo Local Thinking free seminar by Editory‘s dynamic organizer KAWARADA Yasuhiko, I enjoyed live music, attended talks, joined a group exercise, and networked in Japanese language with local guests wishing to dynamize, enhance and promote the Jimbocho area of Chiyoda Ward in Tokyo. Sadly, I missed 20 minutes as the owner of a nearby restaurant requested an interpreter immediately to explain his menu to American customers.

Like last time, the seminar was refreshing 🙂 I chatted with acquaintances but also met the CEO and an executive officer of the excellent Good Morning Café, a cooking instructor who worked 5 years in California, staff from real estate agencies… OnJapan‘s UCHIYAMA Masayuki asked my views (as the sole foreigner in this packed room) about his Jimbocho Yomatsuri project: a festival in May with Japanese food stalls, traditional music and songs, dances in kimono… I notably suggested to end the event late to attract and entertain Japanese and foreign tourists after a full day of tourism elsewhere. Update: I e-mailed him additional suggestions on 07 March 2015.

I invited some participants to eat together near Travel Stand Japan on a Friday evening or week-end before the next seminar on 01 April to network and make a better world without worrying about our last subway/train or work the following day!

“BSTi & Japan’s travel industry” seminar at Trajal Hospitality & Tourism College (Tokyo)

This afternoon, I joined a seminar in Japanese at Trajal Hospitality & Tourism College (Tokyo, Japan) to discuss the future of BSTi and Japan, meet colleagues from other Japanese travel agencies, and celebrate the 80th anniversary of the academy’s principal YAMADA Manabu… Impressively, a specialist even flew from Tottori prefecture just to attend this seminar!

Healthy and witty, Mr. Yamada opened the seminar with a stimulating speech inciting us to (1) enjoy life and work, (2) make a better world through travel and (3) organize our BSTi human network to empower Japan’s tourism industry while serving society. The audience was asked to discuss the third point in small groups for an hour then to share the main ideas with everybody. My group imagined an online platform to support inbound travel in Japan before the 2020 Olympic Games while other groups considered outbound travel, local/national benefits, experience sharing, yearly events… Finally, Mr. Yamada gently closed the seminar.

I was glad to share a good moment with Mr. Yamada and with several heart-warming travel agents from BSTi alumni in Japan! This time, I skipped the post-seminar party but other events should soon gather us in Tokyo 🙂

旅行産業経営塾 (Business School of Travel Industry = BSTi)



  • YAMADA Manabu = 山田・學.
  • BSTi = Business School of Travel Industry = 旅行産業経営塾 (ryoko-sangyo-keiei-juku).
  • Trajal = 学校法人トラベルジャーナル学園 (gakko-hojin toraberu-janaru-gakuen), Hospitality & Tourism College = ホスピタリティツーリズム専門学校 (hosupitariti-tsurizumu-senmon-gakko).
  • Tokyo = 東京, Tottori prefecture = 鳥取県 (Tottori-ken).