Brushing up my Spanish by listening to news podcasts

To provide better services at Travel Stand Japan, I have started brushing up my Spanish by listening to news podcasts while commuting. This should help me (1) inquire/reserve hotels, buses, etc. on behalf of Japanese customers visiting Spain and (2) discuss with our foreign customers from e.g. Mexico. Will I soon guide tourists in Tokyo in Spanish language? For that, I should learn specialized vocabulary too: cherry blossom, tea ceremony, Buddhist temple, Shinto shrine… 🙂



  • Travel Stand Japan = トラベルスタンドジャパン (Torabelu-Sutando-Japan).
  • Tokyo = 東京.

“BSTi & Japan’s travel industry” seminar at Trajal Hospitality & Tourism College (Tokyo)

This afternoon, I joined a seminar in Japanese at Trajal Hospitality & Tourism College (Tokyo, Japan) to discuss the future of BSTi and Japan, meet colleagues from other Japanese travel agencies, and celebrate the 80th anniversary of the academy’s principal YAMADA Manabu… Impressively, a specialist even flew from Tottori prefecture just to attend this seminar!

Healthy and witty, Mr. Yamada opened the seminar with a stimulating speech inciting us to (1) enjoy life and work, (2) make a better world through travel and (3) organize our BSTi human network to empower Japan’s tourism industry while serving society. The audience was asked to discuss the third point in small groups for an hour then to share the main ideas with everybody. My group imagined an online platform to support inbound travel in Japan before the 2020 Olympic Games while other groups considered outbound travel, local/national benefits, experience sharing, yearly events… Finally, Mr. Yamada gently closed the seminar.

I was glad to share a good moment with Mr. Yamada and with several heart-warming travel agents from BSTi alumni in Japan! This time, I skipped the post-seminar party but other events should soon gather us in Tokyo 🙂

旅行産業経営塾 (Business School of Travel Industry = BSTi)



  • YAMADA Manabu = 山田・學.
  • BSTi = Business School of Travel Industry = 旅行産業経営塾 (ryoko-sangyo-keiei-juku).
  • Trajal = 学校法人トラベルジャーナル学園 (gakko-hojin toraberu-janaru-gakuen), Hospitality & Tourism College = ホスピタリティツーリズム専門学校 (hosupitariti-tsurizumu-senmon-gakko).
  • Tokyo = 東京, Tottori prefecture = 鳥取県 (Tottori-ken).