Make a Better World!

My name is Sébastien Duval, and I wish to make a better world! Do You too? At the core, I promote good values worldwide (so that others like You better the world too) and take care of our planet (so that we and our descendants can enjoy its comfort and beauty). Besides, I elicit smiles and help people who went through the 2011 Tohoku disasters (magnitude-9 earthquake, nightmarish tsunami then nuclear incident at Dai-ichi power plant); I am concerned because I lived near Fukushima prefecture then, and experienced consequences in Japan for 1 year!

I would love a career effectively fostering good values, a healthier planet Earth or smiles in the Tohoku especially through work in Japan (Tohoku? Hokkaido?) or Europe (France near Paris?). Will my interesting job at Travel Stand Japan suffice, will I create my own exciting company or will I get hired first by a great company, government agency, NPO/NGO, research centre, school, or think-tank?

How do I make a better world?

How do I promote good values?
* I set an example by happily living good values, following the Buddhist precept “Prevent new evil, Remove evil, Induce good, and Build on good!” and promoting Zen meditation (useful to have clear ideas and for self-awareness).
* I ask people the stimulating “What is the meaning of your life/work?”.
* I introduce and call attention to good people/organizations/projects. I network broadly without becoming religiously affiliated to act as an effective bridge.
* I expand horizons through the art of storytelling in English, French, Japanese, and Korean languages during excursions, inspired by European and Asian tales. Regarding religion, I read the Christian Bible, teachings of Buddha… and got some explanations/facts about Judaism and Islam from Jews and Muslims.
* I organize enriching spiritual trips with friends and strangers, notably as inbound manager at the Japanese travel agency Travel Stand Japan. As good examples of spiritual tourism, I recommend you the Yes in JapanJapanese Gods Grand Tour” introducing Buddhism and Shintoism in Tokyo or a visit at Atami’s shrine to see its huge ancient holy tree! Beyond, I prepare interesting pilgrimages, retreats, seminars, and temple stays in Japan (with an interpreter knowing about spirituality when needed).
* Formerly, I also transmitted good values by teaching children at international preschools in Japan.

How do I take care of our planet?
* I avoid consumption, favour rental/sharing, get good-quality local products… and I move towards a vegetarian diet.
* I favour walking, cycling and public transportation.
* I suggest eco-friendly practices to friends and professional partners, and call attention to selected active people and organizations.
* I support Japanese ecotourism and am searching a related interesting active international or Japanese NPO/NGO.
* Finally, I organize exciting green visits with friends and strangers, notably as travel agent, e.g. forest hikes with hot spring in Kamakura. In Japan, I also design eco-maps (contents and materials) highlighting parks, facilitate bicycle rental, and prepare tours with guide about recycling centres, renewable energy, smart cities/environments…

How will I support the Tohoku?
* I would gladly volunteer in the Tohoku (e.g. teaching kids, taking the role of a marketing advisor for tourism/promotion towards foreign tourists…) but that has not been practical recently.
* I plan to create useful documents in English (including videos and original tourist maps with weather information or as a translator of tourist information) about the Tohoku and the Japanese culture, publish them online (SNS, Inner Japan Website…), and let the locals use them for free to promote tourism and business services in the Tohoku.
* I plan to organize great trips and homestays in the Tohoku (notably as manager at Travel Stand Japan) with friends and strangers to stimulate the local economy and cheer the locals up, which is a great addition to the natural healing of the area.

You too, make a better world!

If You already make a better world, Congratulations! Keep going 🙂

If You wonder how to start making a better world:
* Do not worry and do your best to Prevent new evil, Remove evil, Induce good, and Build on good! (at small or big scale, starting today)
* Think about situations close to your heart, maybe linked to personal events or public news that made you very happy, sad or angry. Use them to define a broad or narrow issue important to You e.g. pollution, domestic violence, divorce, illiteracy, immorality. Imagine short-, medium- and long-term strategies to make this issue more satisfactory then act! Refine your plans as your situation evolves, as you learn and meet helpful people…
* Finally, motivate your friends, colleagues and members of your family to act on what they care the most about too!

Do not hesitate to contact me and connect on social networks: I am interested in knowing how you make a better world!
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