Rebirth Journey: Self, Nature & Gods at Dewa-sanzan (Japan)

Voyage de Renaissance…生まれかわりの旅…

For ☑ Spiritual people ☑ Nature lovers ☑ Vegans & Vegetarians ☑ Travel agents ☑ Japan fans.

The Japanese guide Shinobu Nimura and travel agency Shiki-no-tabi invited me to test their new “Umare-kawari-no-tabi” Rebirth Journey tour featuring the “Dewa-sanzan” 3 Mountains of Dewa (Yamagata prefecture, Japan) as non-Japanese certified tour guide and expert in Japan inbound travel. For 24 hours in summer 2017, I accompanied a group of Japanese tourists going to meet the gods… then made this video with texts in English, French and Japanese. This is my first “silent” film!

The 2446-step stairway was tough but I appreciated:

  1. Destinations difficult/tiring to access by oneself.
  2. Surprising experience at Yudono Shinto Shrine, where filming/photographing is strictly forbidden (go & see with your own eyes!).
  3. Meeting a yamabushi mountain priest.
  4. Wearing the white pilgrim outfit.
  5. Shojin-ryori Japanese traditional vegan food.
  6. Five senses stimulated: climbing a rock barefoot in a hot spring stream (not shown in the video), hearing a Triton’s trumpet, savouring local seasonal vegetables/dishes, smelling mountain flowers and incense, seeing various holy designs…

This bus tour is (1) particularly valuable for travellers & residents wanting unique experiences related to the Japanese nature and Shinto religion, (2) attractive for travel agents as it is a 24-hour tour removing the cost of lodging for a night, from/to the major gate Tokyo Shinjuku, and (3) great to promote Japan as a tourism destination because it features the unique Mountains of the Past, Present & Future!

Would you go to enjoy nature, relax and develop your inner self? Your comments/shares are highly welcome 🙂

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Sébastien Duval

Shinobu Nimura


Miyatabo (Japanese only)

Hiromasa Miyata – Speaker at Miyatabo

About this video

Title: Rebirth Journey: Self, Nature & Gods at Dewa-sanzan (Japan)

Filmed on: 11 August 2017 (“Mountain Day” Japanese public holiday)

Video maker: Sébastien Duval


Rebirth Journey


English language:

  • Tokyo – Yamagata
  • To the 3 Mountains of Dewa…
  • Mountain of the Past
  • Mount Gassan
  • Gassan Shinto Shrine
  • Yeaaahhh !!!
  • Mountain of the Present
  • Mount Haguro
  • Miyatabo temple lodging
  • Vegan breakfast
  • Excellent 🙂
  • Haguro-shozenin-koganedo (Buddhist temple)
  • Enma, king of the underworld
  • Dewa Shinto Shrine
  • Sébastien + “Yamabushi”
  • Mountain of the Future
  • Mount Yudono
  • Thanks to our guide Shinobu Nimura and to Shiki-no-tabi travel agency for inviting me to this “Rebirth Journey” tour!
  • Rebirth Journey: Self, Nature & Gods at Dewa-sanzan (Japan)
  • Sébastien Duval, filmed on 11 August 2017


Title: Night Vision

By: Bird Creek



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